AdWords Update How Will It Affect SEO ?

Google recently went to a big change in Adwords. Text ads previously listed in the left and right are now running only on the left side. thus removing the upper right side of the Google advertising space on Google Shopping Ads 4 to distinguish.

Google's mobile traffic when this regulation is thought to take into account the increasingly growing. Most of the traffic came from mobile and desktop appears in only very low yield because it began to make sense to stay in a lot of this model. Thus more efficient by moving the same pattern on both sides and compete was the ranking model history with each other.

It also did not take too many hits he gave the right to direct advertising perception remaining on the reverse side of organic results. People tend to read from left to right as well, as they look at first reading text on the left side to the right so the page can be one of the other factors. compared to ads on the right side of the upper left between ads more reason to take the hits; There also are not encouraged to give more clicks because of the close air organic because they are aligned with the organic results and take part in the top of the page.

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