App Store Optimization

ASO What is it?
In short, we can say that ASO Mobile SEO is a method to provide more organic way to win users downloading mobile applications. Mobile SEO rules in the App Store, the mobile app stores such as Google Play is set.

App Store Optimization Benefits
63% of people accessing the call through the application.

Mobile usage and application usage is growing along with every passing day.

If you do this optimization will also have taken notice of your opponents and you will increase your income for both download rates will rise.

App Store SEO How?
Application Name

The most important factor in the search; pull attention should be memorable, must be appropriate to the target audience, it should be stated in the application. Guess the words most likely to search for, examine your opponents. The most popular keyword = maximum result = competition. A / B tests carried out and follow your ranking on keywords.

Icons and screenshots

Icons is the application’s window. Also icons can increase the frequency of use of the application. The most remarkable photographs should be first, and the other uses a combination of horizontal images, it affects up to 100% conversion rate.

Multi-language support

The world’s Turkish 3%, 20% speak English. Take part in the calls made in the local language, suggesting increases your chances of removal, the effect on conversion rate of 100% for some countries.

Application size

50 MB required for wireless over the AppStore. When the size of attention to users even longer download time may cancel your removal rate increases.


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