Closure of the Initiative & SEO Relations

Right now it is quite the topic of conversation was the founder Hasan Aslanoba e-commerce initiative closure. Everything is known by the way he has created a shock to arrive at all of such a notice. The reason for closing a statement by the company “to market conditions and operational balances”, a statement said. But that would be to dig a shallow depth case can not be revealed in more detail the reasons if we shut down.
When an enterprise project is implemented first thing, of course, advertising is going to be installed, as recognition of the possible projects and to foster brand awareness. Both are attempting to use offline as well as online should come hand advertising channels. AdWords, facebook, are beginning to leave the big budgets for outdoor advertising. But this advertising medium in Adwords without skipping a part that is more important than Facebook. SEO! entrepreneurs are not aware that the main construction of the marketing structure that provides maximum efficiency seo, unfortunately, does not invest enough in their SEO work. Hal, such as when a particularly high profitability to meet the expenses of marketing the product turns out not a big problem and is going to end up bankrupt.

high cost, leaving himself into the arms of media companies such as Adwords çıkamayıp time high in organic ranking and CPC prices could start to head competition. Increased advertising costs as the snow begins to eat day by day.

However, more effective results with less budget could be achieved with healthy SEO work. Today, many companies do SEO work with their productivity has increased dramatically at low cost. That there are many successful examples, such as Tchibo Ekol. Tchibo brand with a turnover of non-SEO provides SEO work had a tremendous increase as compared to 224% for example.

Now, supporting visuals in order to explain more clearly that the issue of inadequate Tazedirekt SEO work I want to explain how the comparative examples;


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