Google Rich Answers What is it?

Google Rich Answers; The answers to some of the queries asked Google, it is a feature that shows the fastest way to the top. Google search results will form a rich Replies dictionary sentence at the top of the page and the results are automatically drawn from the relevant content of a page in the first page. However, this feature does not work in the answer to every problem, for the moment more "is, who is" as emerges in the query. For example, "What is SEO?" You asked at the top of the search page when Google comes out as an explanation.


Google's artificial intelligence, a feature of which is the development and rankbra algorithms hummingbird rich Replies continues to be developed to provide the most reasonable answer to many questions from users. Current short, clear and to answer the questions that feature seems to become kimdir'l recently to cover a lot of questions and queries.

Google Rich answer is determined by what?

Google Rich answer the query with relevant content of the sites are taken from page 1. Usually the result is shown in this way for search queries in the form of what is.

For example, what is nofollow? content stands out for the query. 1 this reason, the presence of a related content nofollow description and the content to appear on the page 1 on Google.

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