IPv6 Sunucu sağlayan kaliteli firmalar

Artık IPv4’ün sonuna geldik diyebiliriz. Günümüzde IPv4 ip adresleri bulmak oldukça zor oluyor. Hatta bu iş artık yasal olarak değil kara borsa’da yürüyor diyebiliriz. O yüzden artık IPv6’ya geçmek zorunluluk gibi görünüyor. Tabi IPv6 geçildiği zaman normal vps, vds sunucu firmaları kullanımıda düşecek. Çünkü artık 0.50$’dan başlayan fiyatlara bulut sunucu sahibi olabiliyorsunuz. Bulut sunucu özellikleri istediğiniz gibi konfigrasyon edilebiliyor. Bulut sunucu firmalarında dikkat  etmeniz gereken en önemli unsurlardan bir tanesi gerçekten size bulut hizmet mi sağlıyor? Mesela bizim tavsiyemiz Aymit.com’u kullanmanız yönündedir. Cisco’ya ait olan CloudStack yazılımı ile çok büyük bir bulut havuzları var.


Rank on Google Brain Revolution

Many of you probably heard of Google PageRank. Google’s search results in the rapid and accurate so far we can say that a significant share. But a new artificial intelligence-aided technology emerged today: Google: Google Rank Braun on behalf improve Google search results, future oriented learning in artificial intelligence, logic and activate Google Rank Brain algorithm can improve. The search results now rankbra 15% in the active state. Google estimated in the artificial intelligence field, and we can say it is way beyond the known.

Google today, with many of the company’s customers “first contact” can say that has increased its projection of the future of software as means, because nowadays can only respond to specific questions and limited available capacity to learn this software has jumped to the second dimension along with Google’s development, and they have already become everything you can learn. In fact, he can even ask another question by making an inference from the questions you ask in time. Google continues to shape the new world, it spends an incredible workforce to improve search engine algorithm. Contact the right, making strong moves to show the best quality information.

Google ‘s senior researcher, scientist Greg Corrado according to information provided by the Google Rank Braun, search engine over the last few months it has become the third most important signal on Google. This means, Google, search engine queries is a vector representation of natural language processing to interpret “deep learning” allows you to use. He gave information in the form.

R & D center is also naturally reveals a new study. Google Rank Braun also basically to interpret the 15 percent of daily interrogation officers never seen before. It is working on the complexity of search words and phrases and decompose unusual entries. So much so that we did sort of search and content already took place as the third most important factor. just follow the step by step strategy we need in order to adapt to these changes as a SEO teacher.

World-renowned business channel according to the article by Bloomberg;

rankbra the show a success thus in line with the ads that have been made in the case. Google Search and Google Rank engineers Brain exam question format was prepared in accordance with which the word is located at the top of Google technology. If the examination results;

80% of the truth rankbra

Search engineers share of 70% accuracy

always providing the best services in SEO teacher team Pursuing our mission, we follow a proper SEO strategy for all algorithms.

App Store Optimization

ASO What is it?
In short, we can say that ASO Mobile SEO is a method to provide more organic way to win users downloading mobile applications. Mobile SEO rules in the App Store, the mobile app stores such as Google Play is set.

App Store Optimization Benefits
63% of people accessing the call through the application.

Mobile usage and application usage is growing along with every passing day.

If you do this optimization will also have taken notice of your opponents and you will increase your income for both download rates will rise.

App Store SEO How?
Application Name

The most important factor in the search; pull attention should be memorable, must be appropriate to the target audience, it should be stated in the application. Guess the words most likely to search for, examine your opponents. The most popular keyword = maximum result = competition. A / B tests carried out and follow your ranking on keywords.

Icons and screenshots

Icons is the application’s window. Also icons can increase the frequency of use of the application. The most remarkable photographs should be first, and the other uses a combination of horizontal images, it affects up to 100% conversion rate.

Multi-language support

The world’s Turkish 3%, 20% speak English. Take part in the calls made in the local language, suggesting increases your chances of removal, the effect on conversion rate of 100% for some countries.

Application size

50 MB required for wireless over the AppStore. When the size of attention to users even longer download time may cancel your removal rate increases.

How our site the Angle SEO Social Media Provides a contribution?

Social networking sites, visitors, and the site is compatible with most of the increase due to the backlink is being taken over these links are the most natural backlinks.

In a facebook group where you have your sector, does it seen as a backlink by a new share of search engines, the most natural and effective off-site also visits of followers by providing significant visit simultaneously will complete the SEO elements.
At the same time your social media profiles, and how much it appreciated by more people in these profiles were monitored in terms of improving the quality of SEO. The reason for this, is that people who like or follow the links on the page like on your own profiles. These links showing the impact in terms of building links within the site is to bring as many high quality page followers or likes the situation. Therefore, a higher number of shares will be made from the pages of the takipçil impact on the backlink will be increased by one degree.

to share our web site or pages linked to our website up, sharing their glorification is effective in terms of SEO. be shared by thousands of content will ensure that the search engines have also access it through the profiles of thousands of content. But in this case, the privacy of people who share may vary depending on the restrictions. Especially with the more advanced use privacy settings on Facebook, “everyone” with phrases by search engines unless it is open to broadcasting to eliminate all restrictions also will not be realized. Nevertheless this case, the shares held by that person is not an obstacle to providing more seen by friends to visit.

Closure of the Initiative & SEO Relations

Right now it is quite the topic of conversation was the founder Hasan Aslanoba e-commerce initiative Tazedirekt.com closure. Everything is known by the way he has created a shock to arrive at all of such a notice. The reason for closing a statement by the company “to market conditions and operational balances”, a statement said. But that would be to dig a shallow depth case can not be revealed in more detail the reasons if we shut down.
When an enterprise project is implemented first thing, of course, advertising is going to be installed, as recognition of the possible projects and to foster brand awareness. Both are attempting to use offline as well as online should come hand advertising channels. AdWords, facebook, are beginning to leave the big budgets for outdoor advertising. But this advertising medium in Adwords without skipping a part that is more important than Facebook. SEO! entrepreneurs are not aware that the main construction of the marketing structure that provides maximum efficiency seo, unfortunately, does not invest enough in their SEO work. Hal, such as when a particularly high profitability to meet the expenses of marketing the product turns out not a big problem and is going to end up bankrupt.

high cost, leaving himself into the arms of media companies such as Adwords çıkamayıp time high in organic ranking and CPC prices could start to head competition. Increased advertising costs as the snow begins to eat day by day.

However, more effective results with less budget could be achieved with healthy SEO work. Today, many companies do SEO work with their productivity has increased dramatically at low cost. That there are many successful examples, such as Tchibo Ekol. Tchibo brand with a turnover of non-SEO provides SEO work had a tremendous increase as compared to 224% for example.

Now, supporting visuals in order to explain more clearly that the issue of inadequate Tazedirekt SEO work I want to explain how the comparative examples;

AdWords Update How Will It Affect SEO ?

Google recently went to a big change in Adwords. Text ads previously listed in the left and right are now running only on the left side. thus removing the upper right side of the Google advertising space on Google Shopping Ads 4 to distinguish.

Google's mobile traffic when this regulation is thought to take into account the increasingly growing. Most of the traffic came from mobile and desktop appears in only very low yield because it began to make sense to stay in a lot of this model. Thus more efficient by moving the same pattern on both sides and compete was the ranking model history with each other.

It also did not take too many hits he gave the right to direct advertising perception remaining on the reverse side of organic results. People tend to read from left to right as well, as they look at first reading text on the left side to the right so the page can be one of the other factors. compared to ads on the right side of the upper left between ads more reason to take the hits; There also are not encouraged to give more clicks because of the close air organic because they are aligned with the organic results and take part in the top of the page.

How to slash Bounce Rate ?

Both your Google rankings as well as closely related to the value of your Alexa Bounce Oranıolduk of important metrics. Bounces how low it means that you have a success. If they’re just reading a post from users to navigate your site, these users may never come back. So how do you prevent this situation, how can lower your Bounce Rate, soon I will give them clues. Bounce Rate is the real issue before (Bounce Rate) I would like to include in the definition. bounce-rate-What   “Bounce Rate” (Bounce Rate) What is it? Bounce Rate is the percentage leaving your site after viewing only one page of the visitors. But Bounce Rate is more than just a number. We want to pass because of the movement of new readers; E-mail to sign up to your list, or do you like to follow through social media buying. Send multiple reading and time-consuming for users to explore your site, which, according to those who do not trust you when you purchase or own possibilities they provide e-mail addresses is high. The first time you visit a site, especially when considering the purchase or when you search for a specific information, imagine that you are in how they interact. You send a check or two, you can read reviews or opinions about us and you can revise and past shipments. Once you see a post that you visit until this time, you get or what you think about any site you go looking? What were you away? A complex design, auto play a video blew up your shit out of me … No! Too much advertising, pop-ups, would be to know where to look for more information or can not find anything you’re looking for? Of course yes! Anyone else a site to you readers, subscribers or buyers to turn things, but the essential thing is to actually convert your audience. The secret is clear.